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Sierrafox Hobbies specializes in model rockets and high power rockets since early 2000. In our shop you can find all the rocketry items to suit your needs, from hobby rockets for family enjoyment to the largest rockets and motors for the most expert fliers or professional users.

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In our webshop you will find hobby rocket motors of any kind, from the popular Estes and Klima motors to the most powerful composite motors, single-use and reloadables from Aerotech or Cesaroni Technology, all ready to be shipped to you.

We carry all the main brands like Estes, Klima, Aerotech, Public Missiles Ltd., Madcow Rocketry, The Launch Pad, Rocketarium and many others. In Sierrafox Hobbies webshop you find only the highest quality products.


For the avid builder we carry hundreds of building parts and accessories, including nosecones, body tubes, motor mounts, retainers, parachutes, electronic altimeters and various devices. in our webshop you can also find accessories like launch pads and launch controllers as well as tools to help you in building your rockets at best.


What is model rocketry?

Model rocketry started in the late Fifties in US and spreaded to many countries in the world in the following decade. This hobby is based on the use of commercially available motors which do not require the user to handle dangerous substances thus avoiding any accident, and all the users follow a well established safety code. Thanks to this, there have never been significant accidents in 50 years of history of this hobby (and 500 millions of launches!)


Model Rockets are simple flying models. Whatever type or size they are, they all have some parts in common: a set of fins to get a straight and safe flight, a body tube, a nosecone, a parachute or other means for recovery and a rocket motor. The motor is started by an electric launch controller and propels the rocket with an high acceleration and speed. When the propellant in the motor burns out, the rocket continues to fly upwards by inertia and when it arcs over at the peak of its flight an ejection mechanism included in the motor, or an electronic devices, deploys the parachute so the rocket can float back to earth safely.


What are the different kind of rockets?

It all started with a rocket of a few grams, powered by a tiny rocket motor. For years, the selection of kits and motors have been very limited, but as the number of enthusiasts increased the size of the rockets increased as well. Soon new, larger kits and motors hit the market. Powerful composite motors arrived in the ’80s but the real evolution started in the late ’90s with reloadable composite motors and the internet. Since then, hobby rockets have been divided typically in three main classes based on the size of motor used:

  • Model rockets – with motors up to “C”
  • Mid Power Rockets – with motors from “D” to “G”
  • High Power Rockets – with motors over “G”

What do I need to start?

First of all, you need a model rocket, a launch pad, a launch controller and a few motors. All this is usually included in so-called “Starter Sets” or “Launch Sets”. These sets are good to start with because they eliminates all the guessing and mistakes a beginner can do. Instructions are clear and multi-lingual, and building is usually very easy. You can be ready to fly your first rocket in an hour or just a little longer.


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